I met with another powerful amazing Latina @islandlifekitchen  and we talked about her career as a shed and her passion in bringing our Puerto Rican culture to the forefront when it comes to our island dishes and the health and organic benefits of it.

In our session we discuss:

Her passion behind Puerto Rican island cooking.
How island food can be rich in organic and healthy nutrients. Clean, organic, healthy eating.
Damaris passion working with the elderly and presenting healthy eating at El Surez.
Damaris cooking classes.
Damaris cook book and all the delicious sauces she makes!
Delicious cocktails she pairs with meals.
Her new endeavor at Brooklyn Grange Garden at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Her incredible passion to bring food access and affordability in New York City and Puerto Rico.
And soooo much more!!

Dope chat with @bighani_

We discussed how pouring love & dope energy into others allows us to grow organically & can create amazing platforms & movements that people embrace & which brings high vibrational energy.

We chatted about:
The Love BOmb Movement 
Creating a safe space during the pandemic to express love & gratitude
Using arts & media to create outlets for creativity and release of energy
Bighani’s amazing musical journey
Bighani’s company Ramsxor Group LLC - a global creative, marketing, and branding agency focused on live events, music &
And so much more!

3/5/2022 - Fearless Show is back! Just in time for WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH! Two sisters sharing their life experiences, their journey in getting to know each other and also sharing how they overcame so many obstacles and finally found their f$#*ing voice! We will have so many dope guests coming soon! Check out the website for past shows www.fearlessradioshow.com IG @thefearlessshow @suefearless @i_am_mrs.cruz

Such a great conversation today with @girlsonthemoney 

We discussed:
Stock investing
Stock Splits - recent Amazon & upcoming Google split
Educational institutions centered around what you are learning around finance
Investing during a recession & inflation
Enigma & fears in our communities centered around stock investing
Bitcoin/Crypto investing
REIT investing
Stock books & program written by Mabel
& so much more!

Sheesh! So much good content & education! Can’t wait to share clip on YouTube! Stay tuned!

4/9/2022 - We sat down with the creator of @protectyoheart movement, @uncuttart 

We had a beautiful conversation centered around love, positivity, health adn mindset. Check out the full show!

Special Guest: Stephanie Carnegie
Founder of Totality Wellness Inc.
@steph.carnegie 03/08/21
International Women's Day

Wow wow wow!!!!
Two amazing interviews yesterday! 

I sat with Deputy Bronx Borough President Janet Peguero  and we discussed so many important topics such as:

How does it feel to be a part of history as the first black and Latina women of color in office as
the Bronx Borough President and first Dominican Deputy Bronx Borough President.
Janet’s background coming from Dominican Republic as an Immigrant, where she grew up and how her Latina background influenced her. How her mom and parents influenced her.
How and who inspired Janet to get into Politics.
Janet’s passion to amplify womens voices.
We discussed the economic and housing crisis and how her purpose is to bring resources and access to our communities.
How she plans on crating change, making an impact and uplifting our communities through civic engagement as tools to enhance equity throughout New York City.
And so much more!!!!

Such a heart felt conversation and such an important piece on community cultural unity and solidarity.

Thank you so much @jpegnyc