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What a super dope episode dedicated to @thebronxnative & El Bronx!!!! 🔥

I’m so excited & can’t wait to share the interview with y’all! All Bronxnites!

Bronx was definitely in the building! 🙌🏾

“BRONX keeps creating it” 🗣️ KRS ONE 🙅🏽‍♀️


We talked about the passion in paying homage to the bronx, it’s roots & how it is the Mecca of many movements that have been started! We also discussed community building, networking, keeping our culture, hip hop & fashion alive & true to our roots, we talked financial literacy, resources, youth empowerment & so much more!!!!!


Bronx native celebrated 5 years in business & has an inaugural Bronx Native day 10/2 🔥 make sure you stop by the shop (127 Lincoln ave) & take a trip down memory lane & see all the beauty that the bronx has to offer!!! Also check out Tag Up Studios & support Change The Narrative Org 🙌🏾 thank you for all you do! 🙏🏼


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Shout to another BX legend @dwimuzik @damatrixstudio 🔥

Part 2 of our latest episode is available on YouTube.


This part of the show is where we become raw & unfiltered regarding situations of everyday life.


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We found our fuc*#g voice, and if you did too and want to share your story, please reach out to us!! Such a good episode!!!!! 🙌🏽


Catch our past shows:

YouTube: The Fearless Show


IG: @thefearlessshow @suefearless @mrs.gigi_cruz @p.bellaa

Hey y’all Part 1 of our last show is up on YouTube! 🔥


We sat with @shanayaspeaks_ & she shared her passion behind her Lash business “Passion Lashes”, she also discussed taking a leap of faith in love & moving from the East to the West coast 😱 & we touched on depression & on her Wellness journey through one on one Mindful Meditation sessions 🧘🏽‍♀️andddddd how she went viral on tik tok!!! She was glowing and had the greatest energy! We can’t wait to continue to see her shine & heal & thrive in her businesses!! ❤️


Such a good episode!!!!! 🙌🏽


Catch our past shows:

YouTube: The Fearless Show


IG: @thefearlessshow @suefearless @mrs.gigi_cruz @p.bellaa

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