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Welcome to the Fearless Radio Show. A thought provoking show which will bring awareness to topics such as Women Empowerment, Music, Food, Wine, Sex, Politics, Business, Dating, Relationships, Family, Career, Art & much more all through different Fearless Points of View which will make you laugh, cry, evoke passion and always keep you coming back for more.


Empowering, supporting & providing an additional platform for our creative entrepreneurs!

This Show is hosted by: Empowerment Speaker Sue Fearless


You can view & Tune In to the show on:


BronxNet Local Channels
Website: Live Stream



IG: @TheFearlessShow

Twitter: @FearlessRadio1

Sue Fearless was born and raised in a neighborhood called Washington Heights in the Heart of New York City. Coming from a father who is Dominican and a single mother of Puerto Rican decent, Sue has been able to embody the soul, culture & diversity of New York City as a child of Latino parents but with that New York Hustle Soul. Sue is a Master of Finance Graduate from Kaplan University and she achieved this extraordinary goal whilst raising 2 small children all on her own, which was one of the most difficult thigns she had to do but one of the greatest things she has accomplished because the love for her children gave her the drive, motivation and ambition to succeed in order to be able to create a better life for herself and her children.


Sue has worked at prestigious Universities & Organizations, such as Columbia University & Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (Rockefeller Center), and has grown successfully in her career in Finance, Management & Consulting Services. Sue started her career in promoting and event planning, as well, collaborating with close friends in the industry for a milti year long residency in LES. Since then, she has Spear Headed, Curated and Hosted some of the hottest events and some of the most sought out venues in NYC and her event curating has become one of the most successful, go to, event curating companies, with an exceptional clientele list.


Within this time, Sue has grown to develop a passion to Empower & Mentor young ladies & Women, and has cultivated a passion to create some amazing Women Empowered and also Night Life events throughout New York City and is now looking to expand Country and WorldWide.


Sue Fearless is now the Founder and CEO of FEARLESS WOMEN LLC, which is one of NYC's Elite Event Planning Companies, and also a Women Empowered Philanthropic Organization.


FEARLESS WOMEN, LLC is always working to inspire Women, creating a Women's Conference & Movement, which will uplift and empower, and will be appreciated & sought after Worldwide. As a Survivor of  Domestic Violence Sue has endured mental, physical, emotional, financial and all types of sever abuse you can imagine. And because she has been able to pull herself out of depression, sadness, weakness, lack of confidence, love of self and motivation, she has taken the responsibility in contributing to the healing of Women who have been through abuse, stands up for their rights, educates them with the signs to be aware of, provide the tools to getting their lives back, help create a healthy and positive mindset and bring awareness worldwide to this life threatening cause. (Pictured above are moments from a Domestic Violence Documentary Sue put together)


To add to all the amazing accomplishments Sue has achieved in New York City, she is also the voice and face of Fearless Radio which airs on Damatrix Studios Network in the Bronx!!! With this newly found platform, Sue has embarked on an EMPOWERMENT MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING journey and she is humbled and eager to share her story with you and help guide you to live a newly positive, confident, successful, FEARLESS life!


Within all Sue Fearless culminates, she gains her inspiration from her sister, brother, mother & family and most importantly from her two children who she has vowed to be a role model for , for their entire life.


"There is no fear in being FEARLESS" "Allow me to be the vessel and platform for your self expression"


Sue Fearless

CEO/Founder - Fearless Women

Speaker | Mindset Coach | Educator | Event Curator | Finance/Tax Consultant

Host of The Fearless Show


IG: @fearlesswomen @TheFearlessShow

Twitter: @fearlesswomenny @fearlessradio1

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